Yourbill is so much more than just an invoicing platform. We've taken some of the most time-consuming tasks and automated them, to help save you time and remove some of the stress out of getting paid.

What can I expect from Yourbill when it launches?

We could spend all day listing the things you’ll have access to when you sign in to Yourbill for the first time, but we’ll save that for another time. Here we’ll tell you the fundamental features that we’ll be launching with.

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The dashboard is where the magic happens and it’s your primary destination once you’ve logged into Yourbill. This is where you’ll go to surface your latest activity and to see your current financial position.

Financial overview

Get an up-to-date view of your current financial position, with overview stats showing what’s pending, due, overdue, paid and what they total.

Interactive data

Get instant visibility of your business’s financial data using interactive charts. Analyse your finances over any period of time, be it past, present or future, to enable you to make informed business decisions.

Activity snapshot

View a daily, weekly and monthly snapshot of everything that’s happening in your Yourbill account, to keep you up-to-date and on top of your business finances.


We’ve redefined the experience of invoicing, by simplifying the way you’ll create, manage and send your invoices – and so much more.

Create invoices

We’ve taken a ‘what you see is what you get’ approach, so you see exactly how your invoice will look whilst you create it. Yourbill will never present you with mountains of out-of-context form fields when managing and creating your invoices.

You can customise your invoices to align them with your brand. Start by choosing from our wide range of invoice templates, with the ability to change the fonts and colours, and add your logo. It’s as easy as that.

When it comes to raising an invoice, it’s even easier again. You can manually create an invoice, use our autocomplete feature, or save even more time by duplicating and editing an existing one.

Yourbill supports small businesses with clients in multiple countries, by enabling you to send your invoices in any global currency.

Send invoices

We’ve made sending an invoice as familiar as sending an email. Once you’re ready to hit send, choose from a predefined list of email templates that you’ve created, so that all you need to do is sense-check the details and make any edits before you hit send.

If you’re not ready to send your invoice yet you can schedule it to be sent in the future, or if you have clients who prefer to receive their invoices by post, you can tell the system that it’s been sent.

Recurring invoices

If you regularly invoice clients for the same work, save time and make sure your invoices are sent on time, by setting up a recurring invoice.

Choose the frequency that your invoice should recur, be it weekly, monthly, yearly, or on a given calendar date, and set the number of times you want it to repeat. Now sit back and let the system do the work for you. Your invoice will automatically be emailed to your client on your behalf.

Invoice reminders

You can set reminders against any invoice by specifying the date and time that you want to receive a notification, to save yourself potential cash flow issues by never forgetting to send an invoice again.

Automated chasers

Gone are the days of chasing clients for payment. With Yourbill, you can create your own chase strategy, to do the legwork for you. Use the automated chasers to determine when and how often a reminder email should be sent.

You can choose to turn your chase strategy on or off per client, or you can make a one-off override when you create an invoice. Think of it as a backup system, to assist you in getting paid without you having to manually do the chasing.


Logging expenses has never been easier, so you’ll never lose track of a rogue receipt again.

Record an expense

Quickly create an expense by specifying a supplier, item and its cost, then select from a predetermined list of expense categories. You can also scan and attach your receipt(s) from your computer, or upload them from your smartphone.

Recurring expenses

If you have regular expenses, save time by setting them up to recur automatically. Simply choose the frequency that your expense should recur, and let the system do the rest.


Items make raising invoices effortless, by saving you time and making the process much less manual.

Create new items

If you regularly invoice clients for the same products or services, save yourself time by creating a list of items in Yourbill. When you create an invoice you can select from these items using our autocomplete feature, to save you from manually typing them every time.

Categorise items

If you’re creating a large number of items, you can group them into custom categories to make them easier to manage and to make filtering in your account much easier.


The client section is the place you’ll go to manage your clients and contacts. It’s also where you’ll be able to see an overview of account activity for each of your clients.

Create new clients

Easily add new clients, to make raising invoices quicker.

You can also set default preferences against each client, such as primary contact, payment terms, currency and whether or not you want to assign your chase strategy to them.

Add multiple contacts

You can also add multiple contacts to each client, and choose if they should automatically be CC’d into your invoice emails.

Client account activity

Yourbill gives you the ability to analyse your clients’ account activity and to get a snapshot of their payment history.

 Control bar

The control bar is with you wherever you go in Yourbill. Always on hand to serve up useful insights, quick overviews and the essential tools you’ll need to manage your account.

Activity timeline

One of the first thing’s you’ll see after logging in to Yourbill is your activity timeline. Here you’ll be able to see a real-time, chronological view of your activity. Scroll back historically, or jump ahead to see things that haven’t happened yet, like recurring invoices, future payments and scheduled reminders. Think of it as a condensed way of looking at your account.


Receive notifications to help you keep on top of your invoices, expenses and other activity. We’ll also notify you of any new feature releases and system updates.


We know you’re busy and won’t always be sitting at your desk when you need to raise an invoice, log your expenses, or get an update on your current financial position. That’s why Yourbill is a cloud-based solution, meaning that you can access it anywhere, on any device, at any time – all you need is an internet connection!

Web – Desktop, tablet & mobile

You can experience Yourbill in your web browser, just as you would any other website. We’re fully responsive, so you can have the same great experience whether you’re on your laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile, and you won’t have to compromise on features.

Cloud desktop application (for both Windows and Mac)

Or if you prefer to have a desktop application ready and waiting, we’ve built one of those too. Simply download it from our website once we’ve launched.

Now that you’ve read about the fundamental features Yourbill will be launching with, we hope you’re as excited as we are for our launch Early 2018!

We’ll be revealing more information, exciting features and sneak-peeks in the coming weeks. Take a look behind the scenes to stay up-to-date.



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